PRESALE! Bulleit-Our Barrel Pick 750ml Bottle

Price: $ 69.86

Reserve your bottle of this Bulleit barrel pick now!  This 12 year old Smokey Strawberry Shortcake bottle will be a great addition to your collection.  We're expecting delivery of this barrel at the end of January, 2021.  Buy your bottle now and we'll announce when it comes in.  Due to the old age of this barrel, bottles are limited, but there is no limit as to the number of bottles you can purchase.

We're also doing something new with all of our picks moving forward, we'll be naming them and adding a cool sticker to the bottle. This one is named "Smoky Strawberry Shortcake" since those were the dominant flavors we got from it while we were picking it when we went to Bulleit's Shelbyville, KY distillery and picked it with about 6 BWS members. We not only got the flavors of smoke and strawberry, though, it actually had an extremely unique cool-whip type of a flavor in it as well. We picked this barrel out of 6 options and we immediately fell in love with that cool-whip and strawberry flavor combination. 

Our barrel is 12 years old and due to the angel's share over that time period, it lost a lot of liquid which concentrated all those delicious flavors. It's bottled at 104 proof.

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