Knob Creek - Our Barrel Pick Bottle

Price: $ 57.69

We picked a Knob Creek barrel that was 9 years old, bottled at 120 proof and was aged in Clermont, KY at the Jim Beam distillery. This barrel is as big and bold as anything we've ever picked before, giving lots of well-aged bourbon flavors like leather, vanilla, dark cherry, and cinnamon. The beauty of this bottle is that it lends itself really well to a couple splashes of water or an ice cube and it really wakes up and shines. So you can stretch this bottle a little further when you add that water/ice to your glass. 

We have these bottles in stock at the brewery. You can order on our website and we're happy to hold your bottle(s) for you until you can make it in. Or, you can just pick up a bottle next time you're in!

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